negative account issuance method interest rate

When I live, I need money urgently, not the money I collected. In case of this, you should be able to borrow money from the financial sector, and you should know exactly how to borrow money. Credit loans, which are a method that most people know a lot, are the most representative lending methods, and mortgage loans are the way to lend houses as collateral and receive loans as collateral value. There is also a mortgage loan that is secured by the car, and there is a negative account to look at today. Credit loans are a way to set the amount and borrow it at once. It is useful if you need a lot of money, but right now you need only a part, and the rest of the money has the disadvantage of having to work 폰테크 twice if you need it later, or keeping the extra funds as it is. Mortgage loans also have the biggest disadvantage of having collateral, and there is a disadvantage that it takes additional cost and time to change the mortgage that was set once. Therefore, it is not appropriate when you need to use the necessary funds simply. The negative account is a form of loan that satisfies both sides. Today, we will look at what this negative account is and what interest rates are. A negative account is a bankbook that sets the limit of the loan and freely withdraws funds within a fixed limit. In official terms, it is also called a limit loan, and the balance of the bankbook is negative, so it is usually referred to as “minus loan”. For example, if you sign a limit of 10 million won to a bank account and execute a loan, the bankbook will be a negative bankbook. If you do not withdraw any money, the balance will be 0 won, but if you withdraw 1 million won, the balance will be -1 million won. As much as negative loan accounts are used, interest will occur. For example, if you withdraw 5 million won a day and fill it again on the 20th, you will get 20 days of interest on 5 million won. If you say the interest rate of a negative account is 6% per annum, you will get 5 million won x 20/365 x 6% = 16,400 won. The limit bankbook has the advantage of being able to take out as much money as I want within the contract limit, and if you have money in the middle, you can refill it and reduce interest. However, when the individual debt is taken into account by the integration of the financial sector, the negative account is calculated as the loan amount regardless of whether or not it is used. Especially when calculating DSR, it is necessary to include a negative account in the individual’s debt. For this reason, 50 million won will be calculated for the personal debt calculated to receive another loan even if the person who has a contract limit of 50 million won and uses only 10 million won. It is a loan that can be used at any time, so it includes the entire limit in debt. Also, negative loans may have a slightly higher interest rate than credit loans; in the banking position, they tend to supplement this with higher interest rates because they do not get a definitive interest return. In addition, the loan limit also shows that negative loans tend to be less than credit loans.

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