I like it because it’s a single room, and I’m satisfied whenever I go because all the staff are nice to me.

I went to 2S Apgujeong to get a massage from my beloved Swedish business trip.
Better to choose Aroma depending on the mood of the day and the oil is Aveda Oil, a better place.

We will proceed with the basic travel massage base oil mixed with the Abeda oil of my choice.
I picked this oil because I saw an orange card.
Sandalwood, orange, geranium. It was a product that mixed with 3 kinds of aroma oil.
I’ve been feeling lethargic lately, and it’s a fascinating match to the first card I saw.

According to the staff, the card that catches your eye first changes depending on your condition. Amazing!
You can think of a Swedish business trip as a very weak massage.
It’s a travel massage that uses a lot of oil to relax the body and help lymph circulation.
The reason why I like Swedish massage is because once I get it, my skin is moist.
It feels like we use a lot more oil than regular business trips. After a business trip, it’s moist for a week.

I use a styler in each room every time I come here.
The Apgujeong Swedish business trip is held comfortably in a single room like this.
I don’t want to go on a Swedish business trip where you can get it with confidence because you use a styler and don’t run into anyone else.
All the amenity in the shower is Abe!
I don’t want to go on a business trip after taking off my full body, so I’ll be guided to the shower room and take a shower first.
The staff are so experienced that they can feel comfortable coming here.
I came back to the single room after taking a shower.
The bed was so fluffy that I snored throughout my Swedish business trip.

It’s a therapy that feels like the whole body is in luxury.
It’s like a Swedish business trip, like a royal one.
He always takes care of me every time I go, so I don’t worry if I fall off the top of the 2S Apgu!
After a real business trip to Sweden, I feel like the fatigue I’ve accumulated for a month has melted away.

Overall, the body’s skin is soft and smooth. Above all, using expensive Aveda oil, it helps healing.
Next time, I’ll come to challenge with my boyfriend!
I’m worried because my boyfriend is so tired these days.
When you get a massage for a business trip to Sweden, your hair is always high!
Otherwise, you’ll have to wash your hair because there’s a lot of oil on it, so I recommend you tie your hair properly in the beginning and get a Swedish massage.
When you finish your business trip, make sure to bring either Evian or Yo Sparkling Water.
It’s so pleasant to be at the peak of 2S Apgu, and it’s nice to be in a single room, so I’m satisfied whenever I go because all the staff 출장안마 are nice to me.
More green overall than when I went before, I’d like to go on a business trip to Sweden.
Make sure to check the corona heat. I saw that you were paying attention to QR’s hand sanitization, so I got more comfortable.
I’d like to recommend an exotic Tues Apgujeong Swedish travel massage that can help lymph circulation for those who are swollen with old fatigue from office workers.
Oh, for your information, it can be very different from the Thai business trip massage that I had previously thought, so please consult with Tues Apgu Peak for beginners.

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