Why I can’t let go, even if I’m a bit of a bum

A (25), a worker, is in the midst of investing in virtual money these days. Now that the market is fluctuating due to various regulatory announcements, Mr. A is happy to see the return, and he is confused whether he should leave the coin plate even now.

“Today’s chapter has plummeted,” he told a reporter during the interview, adding 폰테크 that “this is the opportunity to come in right now.” The reporter, who is in his 20s, was at home. Although there was no knowledge of virtual money investment, I was worried about ‘should I go in now’.

Over the weekend, many virtual currencies, including bitcoin, were “sucking” (meaning they fell sharply) due to price adjustments and tightening regulations in various countries.

Bitcoin prices, which exceeded $ 60,000 on the 14th, fell to $ 40,000 on the 24th. Experts were mixed with negative outlooks that the decline will continue for the time being and positive outlooks that there will be a upward momentum.

The Korean Daily reported that the 20s were different from each other, and some wanted to make the current decline an opportunity to rebound.

A (25) started investing in virtual currency (bitcoin etherium) in December last year, achieving the 100% return that he dreamed of four months ago, starting with a principal of 15 million won. He did not hit the “big hit” from the beginning; at the beginning of his introductory career, he saw the bitterness of the courtyard and left the “coinboard” for a while.

However, the stock and savings yields that have been put in the past have been humble compared to the cryptocurrency yield. Kim said, “There is no big difference in life if we try stocks.” Coin is back because of the possibility. “

The virtual currency market, which had been stagnated due to the announcement of government regulations after the investment craze in 2017, is again hot. Recently, investors in 2030 households, which were called “Jurin” in Korea, turned to virtual currency.

Even those who were not interested in investment products such as stocks began to work on virtual currencies, and you did not hesitate to become “Corin Investment + Children.”

In their twenties, college students, job-seekers, and workers are many different generations. There are many reasons why they coin as much as different social roles.

Some of them have jumped into the ‘coinboard’ for a certain amount of money, like Mr. A, and there are a few college students who say that they make small pocket money as a hobby. They think that virtual money investment is “close to speculation or gambling,” but they are investing for each reason.

According to the current status of the four major virtual currency exchanges (bitsum, upbeat, cobit, and coin-one) disclosed by Kwon Eun-hee, a member of the party, on the 21st, the number of new subscribers in the first quarter of this year is 2,495,289. Of these, 20s and 30s were 32.7% (816,039) and 30.8% (768,775), respectively; more than 6 out of 10 new investors are in 2030 households. On the other hand, only 19.1% (475,649 people) in their 40s and 8.8% (219,665) in their 50s were.

I’ve heard about 20s who are in virtual currency

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