They want us to go back because they want to end it by depriving us of our military service.

Answer me, sister. Am I the king of the womb? Or is it the princess’s brother?
He is the king of the world.

Won has changed so much in four years.
Won told her sister who answered her words properly.
I was going to give him a heavy sentence, but he told me to go back because he said he’d end it by depriving me of my military service.
You can’t meet me and I. The end will be blood and wind.

And four years later, I’m still in the haunted village.
Dal is living alone in the house where he lived with his mother.
After losing her mother, Dal seems to be looking at her vision, whether it was too hard.
I miss you so much, but Dal is holding back.
Don’t let General Ondal in.

Pyeonggang was deprived of his military service and kept quiet as a princess.
The circle is empty for Pyeonggang.
He unilaterally says he wants to appoint his brother-in-law, who lives in hiding away from the palace, to the general.
So even though Pyeong-gang can do everything else,
You can’t do anything about it. I ask you to leave the moon alone.

But a king who doesn’t seem to give up easily.
Meanwhile, Gogun came to Silla with Haemoyong.
King Jinheung had great expectations for Gogun!
Gogun asks King Jinheung to send him as a Silla envoy to Goguryeo.
He knows his life is in danger, but he says he’ll go.
Whatever mountain you’re hiding in, I’ll find you.
I won’t find you. I’ll hide you.

Pyeonggang, which has been difficult without the moon for four years in many ways.
Eventually, I miss the moon so much that I head to the place where the moon is.
And on the way back from eating like nothing happened.
Dal tells Pyeonggang not to look for him that he will hide deeper in the future.
I can see how much we love each other, but it’s sad.
Indeed, Goh Kun returned to Goguryeo as a Silla envoy!
Gorgan brought the bookings of King Jinheung.
At first, I thought I was listening well, but the king pointed the knife at Gorgeon.

It’s a very big situation if you kill Gorgon, who came here as an envoy.
First of all, there’s no blood and wind here, but I tell everyone that I’m going to kill Gorgeon.
The two kingdoms of Goguryeo and Silla formed an alliance.

Pyeong-gang, who returned after meeting Dal late, hears the situation and immediately turns to the deviation.
Pyeong-gang explains that the current situation is not to kill Gogun.
But the king doesn’t listen to Pyeong-gang properly.

But as soon as Jin-bi comes in, the situation ends well.
Was it the princess’ knife that night?
That’s right. Like my father shot an arrow at my mother.

After four years, he went to see Goh Kun.
However, the attitude of 토렌트 Gogan toward Pyeonggang is unusual.
He still seems to like Pyeonggang.

And Haemo-yong listening to it.
Will Gun’s real heart come out again?
I’m here to die. I’m going to die and tie this bad connection.

And finally, Gorgan tells Pyeong-gang that he’s here to die as an envoy.
You said you wanted to break the bad relationship between your family and your own life.
Was everything that Gogun showed to Hae Mo-yong before false?
I don’t think he’s been holding the peace in his heart.
I’m embarrassed that he’s changed his attitude very clearly.

Meanwhile, the moon is really going to go deeper and escape from everyone.
The next 19th Announcement says that if it’s the original, there’s a battle where Dal dies.
You’re gonna die and end it.

The Torrentwal Moon Rises, which ends next week.
I’ll wrap up my review here today. Thank you.

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