One of the recommended industries is sashimi restaurant.

When you’re not as free to go out as you are these days,
You can enjoy the relaxation inside the house.
You’ll often feel like you want to make room.
Maybe that’s why I’m camping or drinking coffee on the terrace.
I’m afraid there’s been an increase in behavior that’s different from before.

Besides, new apartments these days have terraces and balconies.
Basically, it’s prepared for each generation.
You can have an evening interior that I’ll introduce today.

Recently, I went to the first round of construction in Nobland, Yangju.
Looking at the photos from the scene,
Let’s see how we proceed with the work.

The skyning we’ve installed here,
It’s got efficiency and aesthetic interior.
This is the product that you prefer the most.

As you can see, LED bulbs are built in.
It’s very useful even in the dark.
Not only in regular homes, but also in cafes and pensions.
Install a lot to help with the night sales.

The existing space is white, too.
I worked on the skyning in the same color.

two folding anneals
This is a completed construction.

The restaurant’s favorite.
It’s a bright red evening.

We’re going to make an anning a must.
One of the recommended industries is sashimi restaurant.

Because sushi restaurants put tanks in front of them,
An evening is a must.

You can keep it in the eye.
It’s much more pleasant and clean.

If you get it all in white,
It’s a lot more spacious and it feels like it’s open.
It can also give you stability.

Because it’s free to fold and unfold.
In the warm spring like these days, you can fold it and use it.
When it rains or when the sun is shining,
I think it’d be good to spread it out and use it.

Just in case you’re moving into a new apartment.
If you’re interested in the interior I showed you today,
Please feel free to contact us!

This construction site is Changwon private house full of spring energy.
The view from the house is perfect.
We’re going to install an accessory at this construction site.
By installing an idle space as an axiom, it’s transformed into a space that can be used regardless of climate.

Because the axis is 스카이어닝 treated with aluminium with powder-painted frames and louvers,
It doesn’t rust easily and it’s safe to accumulate 30cm of rain water drainage in typhoon-like winds.
This is a scene where professional contractors construct idle spaces.
We installed the Axis 4.5m x 6.8m at this site.
The maximum size per acce system is 4.5m x 8m, and the module connection allows for more space coverage.
At this site, you chose the dark gray color and lighting option.
Sophisticatedness is added by adding colors and lights that go well with the building.
The width of the color is wide, so you can choose according to the symbol and interior design.
Axis, who is constantly loved by so many people.
Eonning will cheer for you to enjoy outdoor life in a happy and safe place.
Thank you.

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