the aroma oil fragrant and soft is applied

The building is clean, so I’m going to

When you go in, you’ll find a clean interior

I liked the 출장안마 cleaning at once

It’s a place recommended by a friend’s college friend

I’ve never been here before because I asked you to go, but you’ve been here

I liked it so much that my eyes went up

There’s nothing complicated, everything’s simple, and there’s no room for

There’s a chair and a table, and later I found out

I could rest here at the end

I saw it before I went in, and I was

They’re disinfecting the whole room

My friend and I are going to have to clean our hands

Of course, using a spray disinfectant

I evenly sprayed my bag and clothes

We were having an event called Couple Experience Massage

Instead, you can visit before dinner on weekdays

I have a question asking if there is a particularly uncomfortable place

I’d like to say where I want to get a stronger massage

I went into the loft to change clothes

There’s a dressing table with a lot of necessary supplies

It was set up in a small chair for sitting

There were a lot of ready supplies

The dryer was as strong as the wind was new

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to

There was skin and lotion

I’m not gonna be able to change

It’s in the storage compartment, and it’s side by side

My friend and I used one space

It safekeeps after putting the clothes

He gave me the keys individually

Friends will be smaller than you think as you open your closet

I said the same thing, but I opened it

It wasn’t narrow, and it was a very small

It was nice to have a rod and a hanger

There was a shower on one side

When you massage Jangsan, you have to be clean

if it is too much to use the shower room

I don’t have to worry about that here

It was easy to use because it became

The tile has no time to bite, so the floor is not slippery

There was a brushing tool, shampoo and rinse

The footbath room was built when the couch

I was impressed

It’s a sofa sitting alone, and I’m not sure

It was spacious enough to have room

And there’s a lug between the footbaths

the back of a chair it does not need to step on the floor with barefoot

I could lean on the angles at ease

I haven’t even started the massage yet

with the interior of the footbath room

I was taken away by the atmosphere

I’m gonna have to take a little footbath

Please drop off the well-earned car and bring it back

It was a shame it wasn’t coffee at first

The more tea you drink, the more you feel safe

I knew it was better to drink tea

You know, before you drink tea, you’ll be in the footbath

It was filled with water

So Jangsan Massage is a place to go

I don’t wait as soon as I get in

I could have started right away

Before immersing your feet, pretty petals

The thing that moves along the current

I took it because it’s a beautiful picture

When you’re in a foot bath, you’re gonna have to take away

I can get scrubs, so I can get as much as I can

I recommend that you dip your feet in water

I used scrubs to massage them

I’ll have to get rid of the keratin

It seemed like the circulation was going well

Next time, I’m gonna need a couple of

I went into the room and got an aroma

I said the uncomfortable place was a bridge, and my friends

I told him it was a leg just like I did with lower body edema

We both had that much swelling and heavy leg

But after I got it here

My legs felt light

You know how to get rid of waste and swelling

You can gently press your calf with oil

It seems soft and it presses with the rigidity

My muscles are loosening, my calf’s eggs are reduced

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