It depicts a process towards making a complete counterfeit note for one purpose.

It is a 10-episode crime webhard starring Hirosuzu in 2018.
It depicts the process of Harika, a heroine who was wandering in four rooms without her parents, becoming involved in making counterfeit bills and treating loneliness by creating a similar family.
It is also a more famous work by Yuji Sakamoto, who wrote the Japanese version of the Taoist Love Story.
It is a work that my uncle reminds me of all the time in that a girl who is alienated from society meets adults and becomes a member of the community.
However, since the work deals with a harsher reality and the story revolves around the more serious crime of making counterfeit bills, it is natural that the ending of the story leads to prison and release.

The story is divided into two main parts.
Until the first five episodes, the heroine living alone is the process of creating a similar family. You come across counterfeit bills, and in the process, provocative incidents such as kidnapping and suicide using stolen guns occur.
However, it is painted pleasantly rather than realistic, so it has a black comedy personality.
And it depicts a process in which people who are not mixed with blood meet to form a bond before making counterfeit bills in earnest.

The next five-part series depicts the process of making counterfeit notes, in which people who have no purpose in their lives or are frustrated by continuous failures move toward making counterfeit notes, which is a criminal but definite purpose.
Criminal behavior is only a factor that enrichs the fun of the story, and what is important is the process of people who can be considered losers working together to achieve a single purpose and learning the joy of their family or community in the process.
To highlight this, the main culprit of the crime and the person who had a real family end up destroying the happy family while galloping for his own desires.

The reason why this webhard was interesting is that it is very open to the format while explaining each story.
A woman who was sexually assaulted and had an abortion can see the ghost of an abortion child, and the owner of a curry restaurant, who always failed, has a fever every important test day, and fails repeatedly in life and dies of cancer.
And the realistically elusive work of counterfeit paper money is almost a success for so good people to come together.
The likely events in real life are listed and are all stimulating, but the content is not stimulating at all because people’s nature is good and their relationship is beautifully portrayed.
The filming method seems to have taken a part in the play.
In the scene where families are gathered, p2p 사이트 warm emotions are delivered through full shots, and in the part where important conversations take place between characters and characters, they are taken very closely to convey emotions and facial expressions between the characters.

It is a work that shows why Hirsuzu is an actress in her 20s who stands out in Japan and shows how important it is to the video media.

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