You can beat your opponent without hitting him.

I’ve been watching the news lately, and I’ve been watching sports, entertainment,
There are a lot of issues.

I’m not that interested in celebrities.
School violence in school is a way to get rid of the victims.
It’ll hurt you for the rest of your life.

Our children should be neither victims nor perpetrators.
It’s sad that the number of students decreases every year…

The experience rate of school violence damage has been on the rise for two consecutive years, with 60,000 elementary, middle and high school students responding to school violence.
In particular, the damage rate of elementary school students has increased rapidly…

In schools, to prevent school violence,
It makes me chant, “Stop.”

It only feels like a desk administration.
Actually, the gym kids are playing pranks and shouting.
I don’t know if it’s gonna work.

I’m teaching children, and I feel the same way as adults.
With a lot of one-child families and a smartphone,
I’m holding on because I don’t have time to get bored.If you look at it
It changes when you find something stimulating.

A lack of communication A lack of empathy among children.
They alienate themselves.

At a time of socializing with peers.
It’s hard to run around outside.
Kids get sensitive and stressed.

How to hang out with friends, how to be considerate.
It’s a natural way to get to know.

Sinchon Jitsu is a partner movement.
You can’t grow up on your own.

Sinchon Jitsu once a month.
We will conduct promotion review with the skills we practiced.

Children practicing autonomously before class with partners on screening day.
Next time, we’ll help and get help you.

Oh, heat it up, basic stretching.

During screening and sparring, we stand by in order.

The most basic rolling moves for band promotion.

The moves that adults find hard to follow at first.
I practice hard and then I go through the evaluation.

The white belt, the most basic thing to know.
Close Guard Sweep Backtake
Without your partner’s help, it would have been hard to practice.

After 4 rows of gral promotion.
I trained hard and got promoted to zodiac sign.

Click a group photo with Gral’s classmates.
We grow up together, not alone.

I don’t know how to use a variety of skills like an adult.
You can beat your opponent without hitting him.

Technology classes are in line with the curriculum.
Step by step, sparring and various physical exercises.
It’s also helpful for children’s diets.

Aerobic and basic muscle circuit

Upper body strength and abdominal training.

We can work out together from the age of seven.
You use your uniform and your 주짓수 opponent’s power to subdue them.
It helps you develop your confidence and your body.

For kids who don’t have enough room to play.
One day a week, after physical training, we have playtime.
Rules are set so that no child is alienated or injured.
I have fun and I have fun.

Kids who also organize their uniforms after exercising.

Starting in elementary school.
Middle school, high school, and adult.
How about Sinchon Jisu?

You can experience Sinchon Jitsu for free after inquiring.

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