It’s a great place to buy luxury brands!

Where do you buy luxury goods in Ulsan?

It’s hard to find a suitable Ulsan luxury brand shop in Ulsan.

I usually go to premium multi-shop located in Daegu right next door!

Especially, I like to wear his clothes as a daily look.

These days, I’ve been wearing a brand of Pier of Gat X Zhenya.

Male celebrities wore it one after another (especially BTS!),

I was interested, too!

So instead of Ulsan Luxury Shop.

A Review of Visit to Premium Multi-shop Daegu Branch

I’m going to write it down today.

I arrived by car for about an hour.

The outside of the store is really pretty to visit in the evening here.

The exterior lighting of the store is no joke!

I visited again after a month.

There were a lot of changes in the 레플리카 new D.P.

Every season, we’re going to take a dip to the mood.

It’s really nice to see you constantly changing it periodically!

Although Christmas is already over,

It feels like the winter season.

Before we go shopping in earnest,

I took a look around the new store.

In addition to the show window display,

The store’s internal merchandise display is different from the last time I was here.

You’ve changed a lot.~

As you can see in the picture, on one side,

There are clothes from the kids line luxury brand.

This is the corner of Nunia!

Isn’t it a great place to go shopping with kids?

They’re so cute kids clothes.

By brand, by color, it’s really nice.

Well, it’s a clean display of goods.

It’s a feature of premium multi-shop.

Maybe that’s why I can find the product I really want right away!

You see a lot of para-jumpers padded jackets that are popular with men.

On the other side, you can see Tom Brown’s tops!

Tom Brown’s point, all the oblique armbands, outwards.

The employees’ sense of direction is outstanding, right?

After some sightseeing at the Ulsan Luxury Shop,

I’m going to start with a guy’s daily look that suits my taste.

I’ve been looking at the clothes to wear.~

First of all, I go to Innom Arnett’s corner, which is my favorite luxury brand.

I saw this guy’s dad’s hoodie that stood out.

This guy’s dad is a street and fashionable brand, right?

I like those trendy street hybrand clothes.

First of all, this guy’s dad’s hoodie that caught my dad’s hoodie.

It was 20FW Innominet Mask Logo Hood (Yellow color, size L!

I’ll show you the detailed cut first.

First of all, the mask logo on the front really stands out.

That’s why I like this brand.

The illustration with the yellow hood mask is impressive.

And on the back, it’s written in English letters.

It’s really simple, but just with the collars and illustrations,

Look out for this guy’s eye hoodie!

But right next to me, there was this guy’s sweatshirt with the same design and color!

Except for the hood at the back and the pocket at the front,

It’s the same design, so I tried on a sweatshirt out of curiosity.

I tried it on top of a white T-shirt and tried it on as a layer.

It’s a pretty good fit!

His brother’s hoodie and his brother’s sweatshirt.

Undoubtedly, many men like it.

I’m sure it’s a luxury brand name.Haha

Next, male celebrities, daily look.

I went to the famous brand, P.O.G. X.Jenya.~


I can’t believe the two brands are doing a collaboration!

Male celebrities wear it right away, so it deserves to be an issue.

Already in Korea, actor Kim Ji-hoon, model Kim Young-kwang, idol group BTS

It’s worn by people with huge back recognition.

You and I are all starting to buy!

Just good to wear as an outer or inner outer.

The P.O.G. bagrogo Bomber jacket came into my eyes first!

Although it’s not as fancy as his old man-to-man,

You think he’s showing off another street mood?

I’ll show you the details of P.O.G. jacket.

The point is that it has the logo of P.O.G. on the front and back and forth.

The second point is that the neck is made of Kara!

The lining is made of a glossy lining similar to gold.

It was different from what it looked like!

And there’s a pocket inside, so it’s practical.

The corresponding Pio-Gatzena Bomber jacket is size 48.

I’ll show you the pictures now.

I wore a hoodie inside and hung it on top of it.

Wearing a bright hoodie inside.

Black Fiogatze or Bomber jacket.

Pretty good coordinator, huh?

And my black hat on top.

Perfect men’s daily look fashion is complete!!

As expected, it’s P.O.G. Jena. My shortcut god goes back and forth.

I can’t stay long because I visited in the evening.

He’s an adult sweatshirt, he’s an adult hoodie,

We’ve only looked at the P.O.G. and Bomber jackets.

In addition, premium multi-shop Daegu branch

There are so many luxury brand products in here!

Next time, I’ll visit with an acquaintance a little earlier.

Let’s enjoy shopping together!

It’s best to go shopping with many people, not alone.

If you can’t find Ulsan Luxury Shop,

You can stop by Daegu branch of Premier Multi-shop relatively close.

I hope you enjoy shopping.

The staff here is very kind.

You’ve made sure of the aftercare service.

Buy Luxury Brand with Confidence

It’s a nice place!

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