More prominent marketing activities than ever

Today, I’m going to learn about real estate marketing with you. There are many licensed real estate agents and securities companies in the country. There are not many real estate agencies that do online marketing. Since you don’t know what to do, I’m sure most of you are using real estate applications such as direct management, coffee shops, and partnerships. Then I’ll find out how to proceed with real estate marketing.

There are too many online channels in our country, and you can put advertisements on them. Naver, Daum, Kakao, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. And there are two main ways to advertise these channels.

One is content advertising. One is media advertising. Content advertising is a method of 백링크 operating channels such as blogs and cafes on that channel, and media advertising refers to banner ads or keyword ads. There are so many channels to advertise, right? The fact that there are many advertising methods. We don’t know which channel the customer will appear on.

It can happen by watching blog posts, watching videos on YouTube, or watching banner ads. That is why it is most efficient to distribute ads in areas where they can be advertised. Network marketing.

First, let’s talk about content marketing, which is a method of producing and advertising content.

First, it’s blogging. You take a picture of the sale and post it.

Second, there is SNS management. There are Instagram and Facebook representatively in our country. However, these two channels can be connected. When you upload content on Instagram, it is automatically uploaded to Facebook.

Third, I’m running YouTube. The way to run a channel is to take a video, edit it, and post it on YouTube.

First of all, keyword ads represent Naver. I’m sure a lot of real estate is already doing that. And Naver real estate registration. This is probably an advertisement that many properties are already advertising. Daum/Kakao also has keyword ads and Kakao Bizboard ads that allow users to post ads on KakaoTalk.

Next, you can do paid ads on Instagram and Facebook. It’s a sponsor’s ad. People on Instagram probably know what this advertisement is. Drop two or three posts and you’ll see an ad, right? That’s the sponsor’s advertisement.

Advertisements can also be run on YouTube. When you watch a video on YouTube, you probably saw the first and intermediate ads. These are all advertisements.

There are many other media advertisements, but the method I just mentioned is a representative advertising medium in real estate marketing.

But to do all this, you need at least one marketing staff, which is another payroll burden. No matter how many new employees we hire, real estate owners will be worried because it costs all of them

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