a used car that is in a recession and is greedy

I have no appetite in the morning, so it’s simple.

Eating yogurt, eating fruit, that kind of thing.

I used to take them off. I ate a lot of them.Liver.

I don’t feel well when I eat lunch.

For the time being, we’re going to cut down on sugar and carbohydrates.

I’m scared to hear that you’re better off.

I did. Today, as usual, it’s winter season.

I had some strawberries, and if it were normal,

I wouldn’t have been so hungry. I’m craving snacks.

I feel like I’m hungry enough.

Actually, rather than feeling hungry, I felt a little dizzy.

I feel dizzy, so I need to recharge quickly.

I’m doing it for you. I’m sure there was something was missing.

I’m feeling much better now that I’m eating to see if it’s right.

First of all, it’s not a 88카 tacky Kia logo.

The emblem is designed exclusively for the front.

I liked the way they were decorating them.

No matter how good-looking it is, it’s the only thing that the emblem can do.

There’s a case. I personally think there is a case.

I was surprised that it was dedicated.

Isn’t the color amazing? red as a beet

With a slightly darker tone near Crimson Red,

It was organized. And that’s how it works.

The gloss was great without any damage.

The muffler’s double at the bottom.

The color could have made it look too much color.

With restrained attraction, chrome molding is intermediate

It’s giving me a little too much feeling in the middle.

The tire wheels are sleek and tightly constructed.

It’s flat. It’s flat from the side.

I didn’t feel it. above all else

He seemed to have a higher residual rate than he did.

I’d like to say it was amazing. Tire

I’m going to press it hard, but there’s nothing in it that goes in.

It was good, and everywhere it was, it was exciting.

It makes me think that I can run.

His body’s a little low. He’s a sports car.

Kia Stinger Used to Think That That’s It’s Used

When I opened the door, there was a passenger.

It’s so new that I want to remember it forever.

It’s also a moment. Surprisingly, the display is…

It’s set in a structure that we’re familiar with.

You can feel it just by looking at the instrument panel, right? Injection

The fuel that worked was gasoline, and it had a lot of power.

What if you’re rattling around in a car like this?

Or if there’s a noise or something, it makes me feel so good.

I don’t think so. In any case, in a stable manner,

It’s a good idea to run, and it’s a neat configuration.

I looked at the dashboard, and the trip screen went up.

It was designed as if it were a projection.

And then, down there, the ventilation shaft.

It’s like the structure we saw in a foreign car.

It was in line. It was in line. minutely

The change of structure alone is a very significant change in the atmosphere.

I thought, “It’s different.”

Personally, I was satisfied. more or less common

If it had a design, it would have been flat and disappointing.

It was supposed to look good on the outside

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